• 2/4 Rob Veivers Drive (The Heritage Markets), Kuranda, Australia
  • + 61 7 4093 8952
  • $9.50

    Tunnel 10 Lager

    Hemminways Boutique Brewery, Port Douglas 4.2%
    A light bodied, refreshing, clean lager with a subtle grassy, spicy hop note and crisp finish.

    BEER STORY – In 1910, during the construction of the Cairns-Kuranda railway, a landslide downed Tunnel 10 and the supply of ale. With brains, brawn, and beer as motivation, workers perilously rolled barrels of brew around a mountain to ensure cheer was served – cheers to that.

  • $9.50

    The Prospector Pilsner

    Hemminways Boutique Brewery, Port Douglas 4.6%
    A Bohemian style Pilsner with robust biscuity, bready, malt flavour, and subtle floral and lime aroma balanced by a prominent bitter finish.

    BEER STORY – James Venture Mulligan was the first to find gold in the Palmer River. It was because of his thirst for adventure and tireless efforts that Port Douglas came to be, and it’s his story that has inspired the refreshing brew you’re holding.
    * Gold Trophy Winner Australian International Beer Awards 2019.

  • $9.50

    Pitchfork Betty’s Pale Ale

    Hemminways Boutique Brewery, Port Douglas 5.1%
    A flavourful Pale Ale with biscuity and caramel sweetness balanced by a hearty bitterness and distinct citrussy and tropical fruit hop aroma.

    BEER STORY – She ruled a local watering hole not with an iron fist, but with a trusted and slightly rusted pitchfork. A staunch defender of the good times and good life in Port Douglas, and inspired the beer you hold in your hand.

  • $9.00

    Big Head Zero Carb Lager

    Burleigh Brewing Co. QLD 4.2%

    A full-flavored beer, that is 100% natural and boasts a clean, crisp taste. Bighead is brewed traditionally, with an innovative twist. The depth of flavor will surprise you.

  • $8.50

    Twisted Palm Tropical Ale

    Burleigh Brewing Co. QLD 4.2%

    This beer has hop-driven characters of orange, mango and papaya. It delivers a tropical taste that is sure to put the sand between your toes and the tan on your skin.

  • $9.50


    4 Pines NSW 5.1%

    This beer packs a punch with aromas of coffee, chocolate and caramel matched with a full bodied mouth feel, a smooth finish and rounding bitterness. Currently being tested to become the first certified ‘space beer’ in the world!

  • $8.00

    Cloudy Cider

    Young Henrys NSW 4.6%

    A 50/50 blend of the Royal Gala and Pink Lady varieties. Everything here – from the sweetness to the tartness to the cloudy appearance – is completely natural. The cider contains no added sugar, syrups, chemicals or water and is gluten free.

  • $8.00


    Alcohol free from Germany. 0%

  • $9.50

    Corona Extra

    La Cerveza Mas Fina. 4.5%

  • $8.00

    Victoria Bitter

    Brewed in Victoria. 4.9%

  • $8.00

    Great Northern Lager

    Queensland super crisp lager. 3.5%

  • $8.00

    XXXX Gold

    A Queensland lager. 3.5%

  • $8.00

    Cascade Premium Light

    A full flavoured lager from Tasmania. 2.4%